Watch your business through the eyes of your customers!


One of the marketing tips given to retail owners and managers is to walk around the store and walk out the front door to see your storefront at different times of the day. The idea is that you can have a fresh look at your store by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. The same advice applies to social media.

Watch your business through the eyes of your customers!

Most people who use social media professionally use tools such as “Hootsuite” or “Tweetdeck” to see their accounts. These tools and others like them can help you determine when and why your customers are interacting with you. But they do not show you everything, like what your customers or potential customers see when they come on your profile page.

Viewing your social media only through the prism of an administrator, not a client, leaves a distorted impression and may cause you to over- or under-estimate what needs to be done. The best way to have “the eye of the customer” for you social media is simply to log out of your management software and look at your company’s Twitter or Facebook from your personal account. Another option is to borrow a friend’s password and see what he or she sees. You could also ask your friend to be a “mystery shopper” by visiting your social media and reporting on his impressions.

Many marketing plans involve creating an “ideal customer” or “consumer” for your business. While it may be tempting to create a Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts to have a (mis) interpretation of the “ideal customer”, think about how to change your own account or that of a friend willing to allow you to see the world of social media from the point of view of your customers. You may be surprised by the ideas that emerge by looking at the world through someone else’s eyes. And you, how do you think your “ideal customer”? Share your opinion in the comments below.

A topic of Marta Segal Block: social media consultant and marketing content specializing in small businesses.

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