Use social networks to acquire new customers!

Entrepreneurs specializing in beauty and well-being know that social networks are among the most effective marketing tools of the moment. Here’s how to use these social networks to help you attract and retain customers:

Use social networks to acquire new customers!

Geolocation platforms

Thanks to the geolocation, customers can use the GPS function of smartphones to declare the place where they are, in this case at home! Internet users then register on Facebook or Foursquare, a geolocation application that links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

When your clients’ friends see that they are in your spa or salon, they may be encouraged to go there. Encourage customers to take an interest in promotions and discounts, such as a free session on a subscription of several sessions, a discount on a treatment, or a small gift from your store. As customers like to share information about beauty and well-being, post information about your social networks that may be shared. Visit Facebook and Foursquare to learn more about marketing your business and how it is perceived by customers.

Rating and comment sites

Once you have asked for and optimized the registration of your beauty and wellness business on the search and ratings on the rating sites, you will need to monitor your comments. Check these sites daily since even setting up a Google Alert on your company name will not allow you to see all the reviews. Respond quickly to negative reviews, but do not be on the defensive. Instead, thank the respondents for their comments and try to remedy the dissatisfaction by asking them questions about the reasons for this discontent. If necessary, ask to contact the person privately by email or phone to discuss.

It is important to also thank those who leave good comments. Remember that the key point of social networks is to exchange and communicate with your customers. Personalize your comments as much as possible, if someone comments on how great your facials are, instead of just saying “thank you,” say “Thank you.” Happy that you enjoyed our special winter face moisturizer. ” Also, ask them if you can spread these positive reviews on your site or on your marketing materials. Consider all reviews as an opportunity to learn how your beauty and wellness business can improve.

Social networking sites

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networking sites, but there are others such as Pinterest, where users share their interests, passions, hobbies, through photos. All three can be useful in your business.

Twitter is a great way to share information quickly. You can tweet for example a few days before Mother’s Day to offer a relaxing offer, or send a Tweet a Friday afternoon with a code good for an exclusive offer to do the same day.
Pinterest is more focused on the brand. Use it to “pin” pictures of hairstyles to give inspiration or makeup looks, or create thematic photo folders (“The most beautiful pink lipstick” or “5 things that relax us”). It is a web showcase that highlights your creativity and allows you to create a link between you, your brand and your customers.
Facebook is a happy medium: You can both use it to transmit your messages and your offers at your convenience while publishing beautiful photos to accompany.

Best practices

  1. Bet on the visual – Even on Facebook and Twitter, photos often provide more response than just text. Try to post style photos to illustrate your news.
  2. Exchange! – A social network is not a one-way street. You need to interact with clients by asking questions (“What is your favorite pedicure color for the summer?”), Conducting surveys (“What hairstyle do you have trouble doing yourself?”), Or get a quick reaction (“What shampoo would you like to have?”).
  3. Stay entertained – Social networks are not meant to be professional, so make sure your photos, posts, and tweets reflect your personality and values whether it’s a small, luxurious spa, a beauty supply store, or a 50s retro atmosphere men’s lounge.
  4. Track the results – Facebook and Twitter offer free analytics tools that you can use to measure the results of your activity on social networks. Note what types of messages and what times of the day or night allow you to get the most answers. More importantly, write down which social network your promotional offerings have the most impact on and generate the most traffic.
  5. Cross-media – View and complete links to your social media accounts at your business, on your website, or your business and loyalty cards. This is a great way to encourage customers to follow you.

Third-party applications:

The management of social networks can become overwhelming. Here are some tools to simplify things:

NutshellMail (in the USA) monitors your company’s Facebook and Twitter activity and sends you an email summary.
Mediafeedia (USA) is a tool for Facebook that allows you to schedule messages, manage multiple pages, receive activity notifications on your pages, and more.
Tweetdeck (in France), which is owned by Twitter, helps you sort through all your incoming Twitter data, the calendar of your tweets, and manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Watch your business through the eyes of your customers!

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