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13 Fabulous DIY Ideas to Organize Shoes

How many shoes do you have?

Perhaps you have collected a fair amount of shoes over the years?

How do you organize them?

Maybe you still store them in their boxes, but those shoe boxes won’t give you a clear view of your shoes. So when you need one, you’ll have to open each box.

But what if you’re in a hurry? Ugh… you know what happens next.

Do you also find them cluttering your space? Near the front door… in the kitchen… in your bedroom.

When we have acquired a lot of shoes, they can be a real pain to store. And  when you’re married, we’re not just talking about our shoes here, but our hubby’s and our kids’ too.

So a little knowledge about shoes organization surely does help.

That is what this post is for.

You know how annoying it is when you can’t find a shoe when you need it, especially when you’re in a hurry. So I’ve collected the very best tips for organizing shoes.

Allow me to share them with you.

1. Hang your shoes.

What could be easier than fixing a hanging shoe organizer into your closet, at the back of the door, or on the walls?

There are a lot of hanging shoe organizers you can choose from.

I personally love this one from PB Teen because it has a separate slot for each shoe. This is slightly different from the usual hanging shoe organizer where you fit the whole pair into one slot. I find this thing really super cute!

The last time I checked at PBTeen, this organizer was not available. I found this quite sad because this is really an adorable one.

So I searched again and found other hanging shoe organizers that are also adorable and definitely worth trying!

Here they are:

This hanging shoe organizer has 10 individual shelves. It also has multiple pockets on the sides which you can use for additional storage.

Here is another hanging shoe organizer that you can store 30 pairs into.

You can also have a pocket shoe organizer that you can just hang over the door.  This one has 24 pockets.

If you want less, try a 20-pocket shoe organizer.

If you want an organizer that rotates, yes, that’s also another great option!

2. Invest in a shoe cubby.

From Pinterest

I personally love this one because the cubbies vary in sizes (as shoes do) and it has these tall ones that are just perfect for boots.

This is a great shoe organizer not just for us, ladies, but for the whole family, as well!

3. Use a grid.

Doesn’t this look cute and stylish?

Come to think of it. This organizing idea came by accident!

Caroline ordered a wire mesh for one of her projects. When it was delivered, she left it near her front door. Caroline always took her shoes off when she got home; and one day, she found herself hanging her heels on those grid when she walked in!

And there the grid stayed.

If you’re looking for a more unique way to hang those heels, something not designed to be hung up in wardrobes, I’d say go for the grid!

4. Install tension rods.

If you’re renting, you want to avoid putting holes in the walls. Luckily, you don’t have to if you decide to use tension rods.

Tammy built this with 6 tension rods and for 30 minutes only. To get the tutorial, visit her post at A Loyal Love.

If you want to keep your shoes in a drawer, tension rods can also be used in them too. Get the tutorial here.

5. Use PVC Pipes

From Pinterest

The wall is probably the best location for a PVC-pipe-shoe-organizer.

Personally I’m thinking there are too many pipes on this one. I wanna make something much less than this.

Like this one in a bookshelf.

From Better Homes & Gardens

The PVC pipes were made as compartments for the shelf to give room for each pair of shoes. But underneath was left as is for the boots.

You can also turn it into a work of art in that little corner!

From Pinterest

you can easily follow for making PVC pipe shoe organizers.

6. Make a wooden ladder shoe shelf.

Isn’t this amazing?

If you have the right tools, this isn’t that hard to make. But if you really are not into furniture building, just look for someone to do it for you.

Then paint it with whatever color blends into your home.

You can also use it as a display area for more of your decorative items.

To get the tutorial, visit A Pair & A Spare 

If you have less shoes, you may not need a very tall ladder. Something like this will do.

From Design Sponge

7. Always have a basket nearby.

From Fresh Idea Studio

For those stray shoes, always have a basket.

You can put it in any place where you find shoes to be commonly scattered – near the entryway, under the staircase, in the kitchen, in your bedroom.

By having a basket nearby, you can easily toss a shoe in whenever you find it lurking somewhere.

Or if you want, baskets can be your primary shoe storage!

Not only for you, but for the whole family!

From Trey and Lucy

8. Make a DIY drip tray.

It can be annoying when after you’re done with all the cleaning, someone comes in with a wet, or worse, muddy shoes.

Good for you if you have a mudroom. But what if you don’t?

How do you prevent losing your sanity over some pair of muddy shoes?

Thankfully, Bethany has a great DIY solution for that!

Here’s a DIY drip tray that you too can make. 

I love those stones! Makes me wanna collect a lot of that the next time we have an outing at the beach.

No more muddy shoes messing up with your cleaning!

Again, with the right tools, it’s not that hard to make. But if you don’t have a knack for DIY like this, you can have someone else do it for you.

9. Tuck them under the bed.

From Ikea

Use a flat board and attach wheels to the bottom. Then you can easily slide the board in and out to get the shoe you need.

I also used the underbed as shoe storage space for many years but I haven’t thought of this one. Wish I’ve seen this a few years back.

If it’s a big flat board you’re putting down there, it can occupy a lot of space. So you might as well use that space for storing more items (apart from shoes)  that you don’t regularly use.

10. Arrange a couple of shoe crates.


Simply get a few wooden crates. You can leave them as is or paint them with colors that blend in your room.

Now put the shoes in and arrange them in any way you want!

You can also use the crates to place accessories that you often bring when you leave, like your hat and your watch. You might even want to add hooks to hang your bag, shawl, and jacket.

Feel free to add your favorite plants to make it even more appealing.

You can expand this wooden crates idea to include all the shoes in your entire household.

Like this…

Unknown source

If you delight in a variety of colors, you can paint these crates in different colors.

From decor hacks

Because of the colors and the way the crates are arranged on the wall, this can pass not only as an organization hack but as a perfect home decor too!

So it’s really up to you how you want your crates to look.

11. Use a traditional shoe shelf.

From Style Me Pretty

I counted 30 pairs of shoes in this shelf! Haha. Can’t help it!

This is a very simple solution, though. You can just buy a ready-made shoe shelf and in an instant, you have a good space for your shoes.

Arrange your pairs neatly, so that when you leave it on display, it looks like a home decor too.

If you have less shoes to store, use the remaining space to arrange your other belongings, or select a shelf that isn’t as tall as this one.

12. Repurpose a pallet and some paint cans.

Give your flip flops a unique home in these repurposed paint cans.

Paint them with the color of your choice so they’ll look so neat and new nobody would think these are recycled materials!

Then just screw them on the wall.

From Crafty Nester

Another tool that will match this set is a pallet, which can very well hold your shoes.

From Crafty Nester

Now here they are! What are nice combo!

From Crafty Nester

13. On with the skateboards!

Hah… who would have believed?

If you’re a skater, take your passion to the next level by using skateboards to arrange your shoes.

From Hometalk

Okay… maybe you’re not a skater, but, admit it… this looks so cool! Doesn’t it?

Even if you’re just someone who wants a new look or a new feel for your home, you can’t let this idea pass by without thinking about it!

Every shoe deserves a good home.

Organizing your shoes not only help you in easily locating a pair; it also makes your shoes last longer.

So while it’s good for your sanity, it’s even better for your wallets.

Now I hope you can make use of these tips to organize your shoes, giving you a more peaceful space and mind

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