8 Dollar Store Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

The dollar store can be one of the most amazing places to go to when we want to save some money. And most of the time, the dollar store can provide us with some pretty awesome merchandise to keep our home straight. It’s never a bad idea to hit up this particular store when you’re looking to get by with some DIY projects on the cheap. So, here are eight dollar store hacks to make your life easier

Sew a Microfiber Towel Into a Swiffer Duster

You can totally make your own reusable Swiffer duster using microfiber towels. You can find them at any Dollar Tree, and have a simple and easy way to keep your home dust-free.

Dollar Store Eye Glass Cases to Organize Cords/Cables

Just get some cheap eyeglass cases, and you have a bunch of options for cord storage! Let’s face it, finding a place for all of our cords can be difficult. And it’s not as if you can just throw them in a drawer somewhere; they’ll get tangled up. So close them in a hard plastic case, and you can store them anywhere!

Ice Cube Trays to Store Office Supplies

The first step is to get an ice cube tray! After that, throw whatever tiny supplies you have into the small pockets, and you’re all organized.

Organize Your Fridge With Dollar Store Bins

Fridges get cluttered so quickly. But now you can organize your fridge efficiently by putting groups of food into separate containers, and making it much easier to find and store your groceries.

Makeup Drawer Wire Mesh Organizers

It can be such a pain fishing for your mascara or lip liner in a messy drawer full of makeup. But most Dollar Trees supply small wire mesh containers. So get a few and organize your makeup in the drawer!

Place Jewelry in a Medicine Organizer

Pill organizers are handy for small things around the home such as jewelry. And this hack works especially well when traveling!

Use a Carabiner to Keep All Your Hair Ties in One Place

This would have to be the easiest of all the hacks! Carabiners can be used to organize so many things. And all you have to do is just attach your hair ties to it, and you have them all in one spot!

Almost all of us love saving money and keeping our home organized, and dollar stores are the perfect way to do it! So the next time things get out of hand in your house, definitely try some of these hacks out.

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