25 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn’t Know You Could Buy


Keep all of the essentials at just a hands reach with this sports bra from North Face that has a double layer chest pocket. I’ve also seen this pocket hold an iPod, so it must be quite roomy. Only for A and B cups though, ladies! What’s up with that? Looks like I’m going to need that wrist wallet, after all.

25 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy
Get it here: North Face


The smartest invention since the koozie! No need to worry about where you’re going to put your drink down with this clever sweater idea. Stay warm with your beverage handy, and your friends jealous. This beverage pouch hoodie would be an awesome gift idea for any guy (or girl)!

The perfect gift idea for a boyfriend, husband or brother! Beverage Pouch Hoodie -- List of clothing items you didn't know you could buy. Listotic.com


So much more than just a hoodie! It also has a built in cushion to making napping while traveling comfortable and convenient. The scarf also has a pocket to keep important things close by. Although advertised as a great way to nap while traveling, I also think this hoodie scarf would be great to throw on when it’s raining over a shirt or sweater that doesn’t have a hoodie built in.

#15. A hoodie scarf with a built in cushion for taking naps! -- 25 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy
Order one on Etsy.com


Adorable! What baby wouldn’t love this? These hoodies are designed to slip on over a baby carrier (most of them have a hidden zipper to make getting it on and off a breeze), and keeps you and your baby bundled together and warm. This is perfect for walks or a day out shopping. You can find them on Amazon.


Half of a shirt, but less than half of the bunching, heat and hassle! These half shirts come in many different styles and colors to make layering comfortable and fun. I have the 3/4 sleeve in black, and the fabric is really soft and comfortable, and they are reversible, so you can choose from a higher or lower neckline. Shop for HalfTees here, and use the coupon code “Listotic” at checkout to receive 20% off.

A Half Tee... Genius! These come in many different styles and colors! Makes layering fun and comfortable. -- 25 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy


Do you have any of those sandals or heels that seem to have a vinyl lining, making your feet sweat and slide around in your shoes? I have a pair of Jessica Simpson heels that do that, and even though they are really comfortable, by the end of the night my feet seem to slide forward making them dig into my feet. These insoles are made to absorb moisture, and so thin they won’t change the fit and feel of your shoes! They can also be easily cut and trimmed to just the right size.


Just about every girl knows the pain and extreme torture that comes with wearing heels. I have a few pairs that are just fine for a couple hours of standing, but beyond that I’d rather french kiss a barracuda than stand for a minute longer. Thankfully, there’s a solution to our bloody feet. You can buy foldable flats in just about every color and style that fit into a convenient bag small enough for your purse! Now you can wear your trendy heels and make it home with both feet still in tact.


For all of those blouses, tops, and cardigans that show just a little bit too much! I also like this idea for those lightweight open-front tops and sweaters that don’t have a button to keep them closed. It beats a safety pin! Pick up a few here.


Try to rob me now, robber! Just kidding. But really, this is the perfect, secret way to stash your valuables (cash, emergency credit card, etc.) while traveling, or even just a drunk night out with the girls. Check them out here.


Simply choose your size and color, and then create your own design. You can completely customize these flip flops with any words, names, and/or symbols you’d like, or just order a pair of the popular pre-designed ones. Great gift idea!

25 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy
Customize your own on Flipsidez.com


Back massage, anyone? What a fun way to be involved with the kids’ play without having to actually do anything but trick them into giving you a back rub. I’m sure any dad would love to receive this as a gift! They also come in children’s sizes. Visit Etsy by bky kid to pick one up.

25 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy
Get one here on Etsy by bky kid


This belt has several pockets to hold your phone and other important items (keys, cash, credit card, etc.) while working out, and it comes in several different sizes and colors to choose from. This seems so much more comfortable than that huge arm band I see people wearing to hold their phone at the gym. This would also be awesome for theme parks, or anytime you don’t want to carry a purse. Read the reviews and check them out here on Amazon.

25 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy


Hey, you never know when you’re going to need a phillips screwdriver or bolt driver in a pinch, but that bottle opener could come in handy on a daily basis. Bonus: it keeps your pants up! The original source for this no longer carries these belts, but I did find a very similar one on Amazon.

25 Brilliant Clothing Items You Didn't Know You Could Buy -- Great gift idea for a boyfriend, husband, brother or any man!

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