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18 Amazing Amazon Products You Didn’t Know Existed!

We know you’ll go through this article and find a gadget (or two!) that makes you say, “this is the perfect tool for the job!” Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, these gadgets make great lifestyle improvements — give them as gifts or keep them for your own home. We’ve included products from a range of categories, including health & wellness, beauty, home improvement and much more. So go ahead and shop ’till you drop! You’re going to love these gadgets.

1- Earwax Extractor

Don’t stuff your earwax farther down your ear canal, extract it! The spiral design is perfect for easy cleaning of oily ears with sticky dirt. It can also massage the ear canal while the 360-degree spiral ear thoroughly cleans.

2- Rotating Mop

Keep your hands clean with this self-wringing rotating mop! It has never been easier to clean the floors thanks to the one button twist on this mop that resembles the traditional hand twist effect you would usually use to dry the water on the mop cloth.

3- Fast Drying Bath Mat

Don’t let a damp mat put a damper on your day! Put one of these quick drying bath mats from Amazon in your cart and you’ll never have to worry about slipping and sliding when you get out of the shower ever again. The mat soaks up water immediately, and gets dry within a few minutes keeping your floor dry and clean.

4- Sink Glass Scrubber

This brush scrubber with suction cups make cleaning glasses and cups easy peasy! The cup brush with double sided bristles provides 360 degree coverage leaving no angle uncleaned. You can slide glassware between the two sets of bristles, makes cleaning your cups a breeze.

5- Never Wet Spray

Keep items looking new for longer with this Never Wet Spray! Use the Never Wet Spray on an array of surfaces to repel moisture and keep them dry including metal, wood, aluminum, galvanized metal, PVC, concrete, masonry, asphalt, vinyl siding, fiberglass and more

6- Electric Peeler

Peel all the potatoes you want to your heart’s content — or really any fruit for that matter! Start peeling mangos, apples, and much more automatically. All it takes is the push of a button. A potato can be peeled within 10 seconds. It pares the skin without wasting any of the nutritious parts.

7- Window Cleaner

Make that window sparkle with this double-sided window cleaner! The magnetic window cleaner makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas. It’s the perfect solution for cleaning bedroom windows, glass panes in multi-story homes, or living room windows. Removing dirt and film can be simple.

8- Little Green Vacuum

Say goodbye to grimy stains on your carpet and couch! This is the most powerful portable spot and stain cleaner for carpets, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more. It combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning solution to remove stubborn pet stains, embedded dirt and more. Plus, every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports the Bissell Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.

9- Zero Waste Cap

Use every last drop thanks to this zero waste cap. This reusable cap saves you money because no drop of lotion will have to be left behind. Stop banging, hitting, and shaking. Simply attach the Zero Waste Cap onto your bottle and moisturize with ease.

10- Magic Shaving Powder

Just wipe and feel as smooth as can be! You won’t miss those awful razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Hair removal is so easy it’ll feel like magic!

11- Tub Shroom

What’s the worst part about cleaning the bathroom? Definitely unclogging the drain! Unlike regular plugs that go over the drain, the Tub Shroom fits inside, neatly collecting hair around it. When it’s time to cleanup, simply wipe Tub Shroom off and GO! No harsh chemicals and no tangled messes.

12- Tootpaste Dispenser

Get your money’s worth with this toothpaste dispenser! You can squeeze out all the remaining toothpaste, cleansing foam, hand cream, etc., helping you reduce waste and save money.

13- Magic Hangers

Maximize your closet space with this ingenious foldable hanger! These hanger are ideal for apartments, dorms, and small houses. They can be hung vertically or horizontally to maximize home space. One set can hold up to 50 garments, in addition to being high quality and strong enough to hold 5 pieces of clothes at the same time.

14- Grains Dispenser

Dispense all you want with this grain dispenser! These sleek dispensers can hold all kinds of food, like candy, grains,rice and more. The mount directly on to the wall to maximize the amount of storage you have in your kitchen.

15- Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Get your pores clean as easy as 1,2,3! This is the latest generation of blackhead removal. It has more powerful suction and deeper cleansing of your skin. This blackhead vacuum can effectively remove stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, grease and makeup residues, smooth wrinkles and tighten skin after continuously using it for two to five weeks.

16- Silicone Lids

These silicone lids that are airtight for almost all your containers! Reusable silicone food covers are the perfect addition to your kitchen. You can stop wrapping extra food in plastic wrap and save storage space when you get rid of those excess tupperware lids that never seem to fit the container!

17- Foot Mask

Sandal season is here so you may be looking for a way to keep your feet looking silky smooth. Here’s how to experience soft and smooth feet without an expensive pedicure! Forget the dry, cracked, and calloused feet, in as little as a week you can achieve baby soft feet.

18- Triple Dispenser

This triple dispenser is about to become your best friend in the kitchen. The roll dispenser is a high quality foil cutter. Thanks to its patented cutting technique and the elegant design in stainless steel and black plastic, it combines attractive appearance with optimum functionality. Enjoy both ease of use and impressive results.

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